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for April 19, 2014

• 1,000 fans crash the gates for a 1977 Led Zeppelin concert at the same Cincinnati Coliseum where Who fans were trampled underfoot 2 years later
• Mark Volman who became Flo of Flo & Eddie when he wasn't allowed to use his real name when the The Turtles broke up is 67
• German born Genya Raven of the first all female rock band is 74
• Alan Price of The Animals is 72
• Early British blues rocker Alexis Corner was born in 1928
• 2 double LP Beatles compilation albums are released in 1973 using similar Beatle photos taken at the start and end of their careers

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It has been 77 years and 290 days since the plane disappeared with Amelia Earhart.
It has been 41 days since a plane disappeared in Southeast Asia looking for Professor Roy Hinkley and 6 other cruise passengers that sailed on a three-hour tour 48 years and 205 days ago.

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there are 250 days until Christmas

After the last Thursday of November's big meal we'll watch on TV people battling each other in a game over who can score the most.

I'm talking about the security camera footage of the pre-Black Friday sales.
The day used to be known as Thanksgiving.

The winter soltice drifted away from original day of December 25 before they corrected the calendar for how long a year was.
It was easier to convert people by matching the ancient celebration days with Christian holidays.
(Shepards would be watching their flocks in the spring when the lambs are born.)

Store ads won "The War On Christmas".
The real battle is "The War on Science".
The church finally admitted scientists they persecuted like Galileo were right.

Most Christmas traditions are from the past 150 years or so.
It used to be celebrated with lots of drinking like how Americans celebrate Saint Patrick's.
That helps explain why Christmas was considered a pagan holiday by the Puritans.

Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" was #1 on the charts on Halloween 1942.

At one point before they were called Christmas trees, decorated solstice celebration trees were set on fire in the town square.
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