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Colonial computer

I am the webmaster covering the history of Milford Connecticut. My fact checking and analysing skills have been noted by local politicians from all sides and by national researchers.
The nickname Daneo Video dates from 1985 when my music trivia knowledge helped in choosing videos to complement each night's entertainment at a famous nightclub.

The Evolution of the Internet

The internet has changed drastically from it’s beginnings when a bunch of hippies wanting to make information available for sharing with everyone were able to get a combination government and educational system to be made public. The downside of the original idea of everything on the internet is that a lot of it is unverified. The focus on the web has shifted to selling products, promoting ideas and public relations to shape what people think about a company, group or person. It makes sense for us to be the ones painting ourselves in a positive light instead of relying on the press, blogs and review sites. The Town cryer of the past was replaced by newspapers which are down to modern media. More advertising is done on the internet than on television. Today many trust the crazy ramblings of anonymous trolls on social media over traditional journalists. If the opposite of mainstream is radical why would one be against mainstream media unless they are out of step with reality?

Modern Marketing

Better marketing means reaching out beyond one's core customers to relate to the public instead of selectively listening only to those already agreeing with us. I'm in the 0.466% minority of the population that is technical. Amusing activities or a light touch will appeal to the 60% of people that do things because they're fun.