Rachel's Retirement

Rounding up Rachel's Robocallers

A phone call flagging system

This proposal is to stop robocalls by limiting phone number spoofing.


Combine government regulations and phone company practices with consultation with legit telemarketing, sales and polling companies to catch robocalls without adversely impacting business. Consultants should include the engineers of a company because they are familiar with what would work, along with the company president’s advice about the bottom line.

Scammers rely on making a vast number of calls hoping to pull in a few people to take their bait for their efforts to be worthwhile. 100% enforcement for anything is an unrealstic ideal that does not exist in the real world, making for a near impossible cat and mouse game. Attempts at 100% usually result in more innocent false positives than the intent to catch violators. Rather than trying to catch 100% of spoofs, the objective in this plan is to increase the dificulty level so telemarketers are slowed down in their ability to use automated robocalling calling. Manual dialing speed would be unprofitable and not worth the effort.

Plan Overview

This is a multi-aspected flagging system to build a blacklist to identify and limit the bigger offender companies first.

Automatic mismatching of caller ID numbers trigger a random caller ID review

Work with the telephone companies for them to report high volume phone numbers, they already have this information from billing records. Point out that it is in their interest to avoid putting stress and overburdening their equipment with excessive calls. All of the following info can used to either block calls from going through or flag the caller's number for review so a violator would have more avenues they have to address to avoid detection. Some such as using the call history of the number of calls in a given time period might best be flagged at the time of billing instead of as the calls are made. Even if they use the phone number for just 1 month, it requires a getting a new set of numbers to dial from each month.

Excessive quantity of outgoing calls trigger an automatic dialer review

Reporting (secondary option)

Caller ID Blocking (secondary option)

Tax (secondary option)

Capcha (optional idea)

I've already realized the dificulty in this secondary idea after hearing how many takes it took for me to read the naration for the instructional movie.
A capcha word is spellled out for callerd believing that their calls being blocked is in error to help identify foreign call centers, spell a word not common in foreign countries as an audio capcha. When Italy was being formed, the Italians used linguistics like the pronociation for chickpeas to identify the French.

Rachel's Recommendations

A phone call opt-in system


This is a companion suggestion to Rachel’s Retirement. This idea is to close loopholes and update the standards for what qualifies a business to call someone on the DNC list and for more open disclosure of who is calling.


Limited sharing

  • After a time limit of X number of years, waivers to the DNC expire. Currently it is 18 months which takes into account that a customer may only be doing business with a company for Christmas gifts.