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for September 26, 2017 

• Nirvana play "The Moon", a small club in New Haven, Connecticut strip mall in 1991.
they tried getting out of playing the show which was booked before "Teen Spirit" was released 2 days earlier.
• "Abbey Road" was released in 1969.
• Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music is 72.
• Olivia Newton John is 69.
• Jack LaLanne was born in 1914.

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for September 26, 2017 

• In 1905 Albert Einstein first presented the equation for his Special theory of relativity about the relationship of space and time.

In 1983 hundreds of thousands of unsold Atari video cartridges were buried including about 70,000 ET games in a New Mexico landfill near Roswell and the first atomic bomb tests. Poor sales of the cartridge has been blamed for the bankruptcy of the company but poor earnings had been reported just before the release.
Most 1980s era video games took 6 months to design but the game was rushed to market in only 5 weeks for Christmas 1982 and was difficult to play.

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for September 26, 2017 
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Christmas countdown

there are 90 days until Christmas

Play Time

Go out and play until the street lights come on during sunset at 17:38

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for September 26, 2017 

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Happy eating
for September 26, 2017 

National Better Breakfast Day
National Pancake Day
National Chocolate Milk Day
Johnny Appleseed Day (birthday)