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for August 01, 2021 

• How the ex-Beatles spent August 1971:
Harrison hosts the Concert For Bangla Desh on the 1st with Ringo (and the Apple record band Badfinger) 2 days before. McCartney formed Wings on August 3.
At the end of month, Lennon moves a mile from Madison Square Garden.

• The second video played on MTV was The Rascals composition "You Better Run" performed by Pat Benatar.
• "We Built This City" was released on the 4th anniversary of MTV in 1985.

• Former Memphis Mafia bodyguards for Elvis publish an expose' on his drug use 2 weeks before he died in 1977.
• Jerry Garcia was born in 1942.
• Boz Burrell of Bad Company was born in 1946, he initially didn't know how to play bass when he joined his earlier group King Crimson.
• Joe Elliot of Def Leppard is 62.
• Alice Cooper's guitarist Dick Wagner died in 2014, he also played with Kiss, Lou Reed, Aerosmith and earlier with Billy Joel.
• The Carpenters visit the White House in 1972.

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Christmas countdown

this is the 146 day of cheer at the mall.
It is "Happy Holidays" unless there are less than 12 days before Christmas. The original meaning of the word Merry was short and sweet.
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Play Time

Go out and play until the street lights come on during sunset at 19:04

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Colorado Day

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National Milkshake Day