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Daneo Video's ♬usic ♪otes 
for November 30, 2020 

• the never aging perpetual teenager Dick Clark was born in 1629.
• No more tiptoeing for Tiny Tim, he died at an ukulele festival in 1996.
• King Crimson was formed in 1968.
• The Smothers Brothers Show helped publicize many bands. Dick is 83.
• Roger Glover of Deep Purple is 75.
• June Pointer of The Pointer Sisters was born in 1953.
• composer & producer Shuggie Otis is 67.
• Michael Jackson missed Halloween by 1 month when he released Thriller in 1982.

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for November 30, 2020 

Daneo Video's
Milford history
for November 30, 2020 
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Christmas countdown

this is the 24 day of cheer at the mall.
It is "Happy Holidays" unless there are less than 12 days before Christmas. The original meaning of the word Merry was short and sweet.
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Play Time

Go out and play until the street lights come on during sunset at 16:20

Daneo Video's American history
for November 30, 2020 

President George H. W. Bush died in 2018.
He resigned from and criticized the NRA when they called the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms "Jack Booted Thugs".

In 1835, Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) was born.
his books were criticized for the opposite reasons they are done for today.
activists Abbie Hoffman was born in 1936 and G. Gordon Liddy was born in 1930.

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for November 30, 2020 

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for November 30, 2020 

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Happy eating
for November 30, 2020 

National Mousse Day